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garrison.010 Garrison Herald (011) - The Victorian Soldier’s Christmas
The unedited version Garrison herald article for December/January is now available on our website.
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Friday 19th May
Eltham Palace and Gardens.
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Wednesday 17th May

"Albert's WW1 Wartime Diaries"
Ambulance Trains And Hospital Ships.
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Damien Lewis Talk at Aldershot Public Library
Saturday 25th March / 2pm / £3 Admission

Meet the Author: Damien Lewis At Aldershot Library
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WAAC Event First FAMM Talk of 2017
Wednesday 19th April

"Les Tommettes"
Women Soldiers of the British Expeditionary Force 1917-21.
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AHT Maps Aldershot Heritage Trails - Interactive Maps
A set of interactive maps showing the Aldershot Heritage Trails is available. The main map allows you to drill down into each trail. On each trail you can move your mouse over each location to get a description of that location. For the zones, you can click on the zone to get details of what can be found in that zone. Where trails overlap, you can click to get to that trail. At present we haven’t put up any photographs on the maps, partly due to copyright restricts and party due to that fact that we want you to actual visit the trails. Note: These interactive maps are best viewed on a computer-PC. Also note that the numbering of the points on the trails are only for reference; you may join the trail at any point.
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Christmas Museum Historic Recruiting Posters
The old posters in the museum have been replaced with new copies of the orignals. Paid for by a brequest from the late Peter Jenner.
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Christmas Aldershot Heritage Trails
Aldershot has a wealth of rich military and civilian history, and to celebrate this, we are proposing to create five heritage trails across the town which will highlight the historic buildings and monuments that can be found in the area.
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Book Aldershot History Tour
New book release: Aldershot History Tour by Paul H. Vickers. See the books page for more details.

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